B. Shakir Says:

I’m a massage therapist. I purchase a natural soap from this company. I’m so
Pleased in the way I feel when using this natural soap. I’ve used natural soap for over 20 years. And now this soap is the best I’ve used. My skin feel so soft and the sent is just enough. It’s not over powering at all. It’s definitely an upgrade for me in natural vibration. I’ve purchased and gave as gift to my clients. They love it and expressed the soap help in moisturizing their skin. This is my last stop for a nice soap.
Thank u for the soap 💛💛💛

Ms Gully says: 

In September 2017 I was introduced to this soap. My Skin is Very sensitive and will tighten and wrinkle at the slightest touch of toxins my soap or cream. As I touched felt and smelled soap by Organic Soap by Wes, I decided to use it on my face. I was elated with the results. The Soap was gentle and smooth. I was almost tempted not to use moisturizer. Consider this my Rave Review for this “gift” of a soap.

I’m impressed!!! Thank you. It’s Perfect and Awesome! ITS A GO👍🏾.

It IS the Best soap I’ve ever used. Even a tiny-little sample piece would be Enough to impress. Best Wishes 🌺


H. D. Says: 

Soaps by Wes are amazing. Let me just start off like that. The bar helps balance the oils in my two boys skin. Within a few days of using it I've noticed the eczema flare ups reduced drastically. I've also noticed it helps with blemishes, dark rings and puffiness around the eyes(I use it as a facial bar and a shaving lather.)


J.A.S Says: 

"It Smells Good!"


Ms. S Says:

After the unfortunate racist gaffe's of Unilever's Dove and my education about how unnatural the soap really is, I was eagerly looking for a soap that I could trust with my health and wellbeing. I found Organic Soap By Wes online, and I tried the Organic Handmade Soap Pack, and I became an instant fan! I have replaced DOVE in my daily bathing, and I am feeling so good to support a small business!